Field Reclamation

Turn that neglected field into a space of outdoor enjoyment with our professional field reclamation services. When a field has not been maintained for years, it needs special attention to reestablish its natural beauty.

We remove overgrowth to enhance growth of traditional field products and wildflowers. We can even establish riding and walking paths. We work on all fields, no matter how small or large.

Our Field Reclamation Work includes:

  • Land Restoration & Field Mowing
  • Clearing of Field Edges
  • Removal of New Growth on Older Fields
  • Unveiling Old Stone Walls
  • Planting Bushes
  • View Clearing & View Enhancement

Make the most of the natural beauty around you by enhancing your view while maintaining your privacy. Rather than clearing out all trees, we perform selective removal of trees, removing key view obstructions while retaining natural buffers around your home. We do field edge clearing broadening your view and bring the field back to it’s natural forest edge.

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What Our Customers Say

Very dependable

Country Landscapes & Tree, LLC works for the Town of Tolland removing trees and trimming branches for the Public Works Department. They are very dependable. They obey all the safety guide lines with the signage and traffic control. When there are emergencies they drop what they are doing and come out to Tolland and take care of our emergencies in a timely manner. The crew is respectful to the public. When the job is done, the roads are swept just like it was when they arrived and the clean-up is great. It’s hard to find a company with the entire major key components in one business.

Clement G Langlois Jr
Town of Tolland Public Works