Three Tree Care Notes from the Experts!


Trees can help reduce global warming by absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere. Trees also increase property values and beautify our surroundings. Our world needs trees and our future depends on their survival.

Here are three tips from the experts on how to take care of the trees on your property:

  1. Hire a licensed tree expert. The State of Connecticut requires a tree service to have a license to perform tree pruning or removal. Beware of companies knocking on your door randomly, for they are not usually insured or licensed. Tree companies must carry liability insurance that covers any damages to property or bodily injury. Workman’s compensation must be available for the crew workers. A consumer should request a certificate of insurance from the company’s insurance company. Without proper insurance, the consumer and their homeowner’s insurance are responsible for all repairs and/or injuries.
  2. A homeowner is responsible to remove dead branches or dead trees that overhang-adjacent properties. If the branch or tree falls and creates property damage or personal injury, the homeowner can be held liable for neglect.
  3. If a healthy tree or branches fall during a storm from your property into your neighbor’s property, you are not considered negligent. The homeowner’s insurance applies the following guidelines in this circumstance. The fallen tree or branch is due to an act of nature that could not have been prevented. Your neighbor’s homeowner’s insurance is responsible for clean up and repairs to their property. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover clean up and repairs to your property.

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